Mirror Mirror…

After reading my last post, a few people apparently got the impression that I view the Wiccan community as a cold, heartless place; that for some reason I am sad, cynical or bitter about it. They probably got that impression from sentences like: "Wicca can be a bit harsh, elitist and unwelcoming to newcomers." Well, [...]


Is Wicca a truly loving religion?

"...for my Law is Love unto all Beings." - from the Charge of the Goddess Wicca is not predominantly perceived as a religion of love by mainstream society.* There is love in Wicca, yes - love between Wiccans, love towards the Gods, love for the rituals and the tradition. But there is not so much [...]

Nine common misconceptions other Witches and Pagans have about Traditional Wicca

No time for a full article today, so why not do one of those things you always wanted to know posts? Here we go with nine common misconceptions about traditional Wicca, that other, non-initiatory Witches and Pagans often seem to have. Please keep in mind that this is just one European Gardnerian Witch's opinion. Others [...]